Sander Package 3 Consumables

£358.50 Exc VAT

Everything required to complete the hire of Sander Package 3. Any unused consumerbles are sale and return. Returning items must be unused and as new or item refund will not be applied.


Sander Package 3 Consumables

Please Note: All unused consumable items are fully refundable on return. Must be in shop condition.

Trio Floor Sander 200mm

  • Grit 40/60/80/100/120
  • 21 Discs Per Each Grit
  • Total Discs Supplied 105
  • Total Discs Price £283.50

Bona Floor Edger Discs 178mm

  • Grit 40/60/80/100/120
  • 10 Discs Per Each Grit
  • Total Discs Supplied 50
  • Total Discs Price £75.00
200mm Trio Discs
200mm Trio Discs
180mm Bona Edger Sanding Disc
Bona Edger Sanding Disc


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