Sander Package 1

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This package is ideal for people new to floor sanding; the machines have no adjustment settings; all sanding abrasives can be changed in seconds with no tool.

Consumables are extra to the hire of this package. Read More



Sander Package 1

This package is ideal for people new to floor sanding; the machines have no adjustment settings. All sanding abrasives can be changed in seconds with no tool, and the package can be used on both domestic and commercial floor sanding packages. This package covers a broad spectrum of wooden floors.

Bona FlexiDrum

The re-engineered design and mechanical changing give even more functionality and security. Also, the Bona FlexiDrum is easy to control and gives excellent results on floors.

Field of application:

  • For sanding of all types of wooden and parquet floors.
  • New Quick-Lock System, for safer handling.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • New Design.
  • New wheels for better stability.
  • Excellent dust extraction.
  • Easy to handle and to transport.
Bona Flexi Drum

Bona Edge UX

Bona Edge UX is designed to optimise the user experience and deliver an excellent performance. The innovative arm design allows you to sand closer to corners and walls

The 3 handles provide flexible driving positions for more ease, and the position of the disc within the chassis allows both 130mm and 220mm models to work exceptionally well. Therefore, reducing the risk of 'Chatter Marks'.

Bona Edge UX is most compatible with all versions of Bona DCS for dust-free sanding.

• Low 92 dB engine noise level
• 16 LED lights for greater visibility
• Use with holed or Velcro-back discs
• Dead man's handle safety feature
• Compatible with DCS for dust-free sanding

bona edger

Harris Corner Scraper

This heavy-duty, tungsten carbide scraper with a double-edge blade outlasts steel blades.

Harris Corner Scraper

Sander Package 1 Consumables

Please Note: All unused consumable items are fully refundable on return. Must be in shop condition.

Bona Flexi Drum Belts 200mmx551mm

  • Grit 24/40/60/80/100/120
  • 5 Belts Per Each Grit
  • Total Belts Supplied 30
  • Total Belt Price £225.00

Bona Floor Edger Discs 178mm

  • Grit 24/40/60/80/100/120
  • 10 Discs Per Each Grit
  • Total Discs Supplied 60
  • Total Discs Price £150.00
200mm x 551mm Sanding Belt
180mm Bona Edger Sanding Disc

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Sander Package 1

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