Stair Sanding Machines

Random Orbital Sander

Stair Sanding Machines - The Random Orbital Sander is ideal for intermediate to fine sanding applications. Its 5mm sanding stroke gives an excellent surface finish and with the lightweight and compact size, makes working with this sander a breeze.

The Softgrip surface enables you to sand vertical, horizontal or overhead without needing excess force. This sander will not let you down with reliable and constant speed under load and protection against overheating.

This belt sander can reach right into those complicated areas such as corners of rooms, stair risers, radiator pipes and toilets.

When used with Multi-Jetstream 2 pads, abrasives and a reliable dust extractor the perfect dust-free finish is guaranteed with every job.

More Information on Stair Sanding Machines

Advantages - Due to their variable pattern, random orbit sanders are most likely to create less visible cross-grain scratching. This type of Stair Sanding machine might not be the workhorse a big belt sander is, but it is a machine that works well every time.

The dust collection system on random orbital sanders is good for more than simply keeping work areas clean. Sometimes dust can build up between the pad and the surface. This can reduce the sander's efficiency and make it harder to get the surface smooth.

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