Corner Belt Sander

Corner Belt Sander

Powerful sanding and perfect handling - This Corner Belt Sander makes life more comfortable; it's capable of reaching right into those complicated areas such as corners of rooms. It’s used in shaping and finishing wood and also other materials. It has an electric motor that turns a set of drums on which an unbroken loop of sandpaper is attached. The sandpaper revolves around rapidly on their small vibrating rectangular head.

These carefully designed sanders make short work of sanding edges, corners and other small or tight places.

They are so perfect for removing a large amount of excess material from huge flat surfaces. Therefore, they work well on all types of floorboards.


Corner Belt Sanders – Key Features

  • Working in corners, small angled areas and edges
  • The 3 amp motor can easily be turned 180 degrees
  • The 1-1.5 inch wide sanding belt runs on a durable 15/16 inch roller tip
  • Rapid change lever allows for a fast belt change
  • Has great electronic speed control
  • Excellent dust extraction


A corner belt sander is definitely a better option for large amounts of material. It’s rapid, probably 10 times faster than ‘hand rubbing’ and much cleaner too.

They are designed for superior performance on all wood types.

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