Beginners Floor Sander

Floor Sander For Beginners

The beginner's floor sander is by no means any less of a sander then our 8" or 10" floor sanders.

These Flexi drum machines require no drum pressure maintenance, nor do you have to pull any levers to change the sanding belts. Place your continuous sanding belt onto the sanding drum, close the door and press the green button to start sanding. It's our lightest sander making it easy to move about and carry onto different levels of a property.

It is more than capable of sanding the most uneven, bitumen soaked pine floorboards and making a breeze of engineered and solid wood floors. This beginners floor sanding package is lightweight, "dust-free," and very simple to use. This belt sander has a simple on and off switch; the sanding belts can be changed with no tools and in under 10 seconds.

The dust bag pulls off the machine and has a zip to release all the dust the machine has picked up. There is no drum adjustment to be made on the machine yet it is more than capable of sanding through the toughest wooden floors. The floor sanding edger is a mighty yet straightforward machine to operate.

Beginners Floor Sander Hire - making life a little less stressful!

Like the belt sander, it has a simple on/off switch, a built-in light for checking sanding marks (essential when you're looking to change the floor's colour). The velcro backed sanding abrasive makes changing the sanding disc a breeze. Simply pull your old sanding disc off and pop your new one on. (You can change the disc quicker then you can read this sentence).

Again, no tools are required, and no setup is needed to use the floor sanding edger. The dust bag like the belt sander pulls off and has a zip so you can empty the bag cleanly and quickly.

A tungsten corner scraper is an ideal tool for scraping back old wood quickly. The scraper gets you around radiator pipes, in corners and anywhere else where the floor sanding edger won't reach. If you don't fancy scraping anything why not look at hiring the corner belt sander?

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